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Swift Semantic

This Swift utility permits to retrieve, for a selection in a Swift source file, the main concept from the Swift Vocabulary. It uses SwiftSyntax in its version 0.50200.0 (for Swift 5.2).

Caveat: This is a proof of concept, which, while covering a lot of syntactical elements of the Swift programming language, does not yet cover all concepts from the Swift Vocabulary!

Download & Installation

git clone https://github.com/cgrevisse/swift-semantic.git
cd swift-semantic

# Build a release binary
swift build -c release

# Copy into your Swift toolchain (here: Xcode)
sudo cp -i .build/release/swift-semantic /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin

For a custom installation of the Swift toolchain on macOS or on Linux, you can determine its path using dirname $(which swift).


You can now use the utility in the following way:

$ swift semantic <path/to/file.swift> <startLine> <startColumn> <endLine> <endColumn>

For instance, assume you have a file Airport.swift containing:

struct Airport {

	let name:String
	let iataCode:String

	init(name:String, iataCode:String) {
		self.name = name
		self.iataCode = iataCode.prefix(3).uppercased()


You can use the utility the following way:

$ swift semantic Airport.swift 6 2 9 3
	"nodeType" : "InitializerDeclSyntax",
	"selectedNode" : "\n\n\tinit(name:String, iataCode:String) {\n\t\tself.name = name\n\t\tself.iataCode = iataCode.prefix(3).uppercased()\n\t}",
	"concepts" : [


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