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iOS SDK for Rewards Module


This project allows with a quick and simple interface to include Rewards Module inside your iOS Application.


The easiest way to integrate widget to iOS application is to use CocoaPods. In your Podfile add the following line:

pod 'RewardsModule', :git => 'git@github.com:cere-io/widget-ios.git'

then run the following command to install new pod:

pod install

That's it. Or you can use classic way:

  1. Create a copy of latest version of this project (We recommend add it as a submodule of your project)
  2. Open your iOS Project inside Xcode.
  3. Target your Project and go to General Settings.
  4. Under Embedded Binaries Click + and then Add Other ...
  5. Select RewardsModule.xcodeproj from the copy of this repository, and add it.
  6. Now Click + again and RewardsModule should appear, select RewardsModule.framework and Add
  7. In case you are using Swift you need to include RewardsModule.h so you can reference it later
    #import "../../../widget-ios/RewardsModule/RewardsModule/RewardsModule.h"

This can be done in any Header bridge you may have.


You need to add the widget to any View you would like.

    import RewardsModule;


    var rewardsModule = RewardsModule();


    self.rewardsModule.initialize(applicationId: "777");

Parameter applicationId should be taken from RMS and is mandatory. At this point widget is basically loaded and ready to work. To show it just call:

    self.rewardsModule.show(placement: "MyAppPlacement");

Parameter placement depends on your RMS configuration. It is required to set different placements if you need to show widget in more than one place in your application with different rewards/settings.

API Reference


| Signature | Description | | :-- | :-- | | initialize | Initializes widget for the specified applicationId configuration from RMS and loads widget content | | show | Shows the widget for specified placement | | hide | Hides the widget manually | | resize | Resized widget to custom size | | setUsername | Sets email or phone as username | | hasItems | Returns true if there are items for specified placement | | getPlacements | Returns array of placements that are available for current RMS configuration | | showOnboarding | Sets widget to onboarding mode and shows it to user | | setUserData | Sets data required for some fields of the widget like name or level. Should be passes as JSON string '{userData: {name: "Junior", level: 1}' | logout | Logs out user from widget |


| Signature | Description | | :-- | :-- | | onHide | Triggered when user clicks close button on widget and it is about to close | | onSignUp | Triggered when user completes sign up in widget | | onSignIn | Triggered when user signs in to widget | | onGetClaimedRewards | List of redeemed rewards should be passed to widget with this event. Triggered when user opens inventory tab | | onGetUserByEmail | Triggered on sign up to know if user exists in app, but new in the widget |

On more detailed information of using the widget in your app please see RewardsModuleExample app.

Upcoming installation Methods

  • Carthage
  • Swift package manager

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