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centrifugal/centrifuge-swift 0.4.6
Swift client SDK for bidirectional real-time communication with Centrifugo and Centrifuge-based server over WebSocket
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🕓 5 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
5 weeks ago
* Added data filed to `CentrifugeConnectEvent` [#67](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/pull/67)
9 weeks ago
* Fix crash accessing serverSubs from non-syncQueue [#65](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/pull/65)
13 weeks ago
* Fix possible crash in handleAsyncData method – [#62](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/pull/62)
13 weeks ago
* Remove Starscream code that automatically set Origin header
32 weeks ago
* Embed Starscream 3 – see [discussion](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/issues/48#issuecomment-965501423) and pr [#53](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/pull/53). * Support CentrifugeClientInfo in history publications.
42 weeks ago
* Use Client's sync queue for Subscription operations (previously each Subscription had its own sync queue). Fixes [#24](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/issues/24) * Fix `already subscribed` errors (code 105) on resubscribe after Subscription removing. Fixes [#49](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/issues/49)
43 weeks ago
Update to work with Centrifuge >= v0.18.0 and Centrifugo v3. **Breaking change** in server behavior. Client History API behavior changed in Centrifuge >= v0.18.0 and Centrifugo >= v3.0.0. When using history call it won't return all publications in a stream by default. See Centrifuge [v0.18.0 release notes](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge/releases/tag/v0.18.0) or [Centrifugo v3 migration guide](https://centrifugal.dev/docs/getting-started/migration_v3) for more information and workaround on server-side. * Protocol definitions updated to the latest version * History method now accepts optional `limit`, `since` and `reverse` arguments and returns `CentrifugeHistoryResult` * presence now returns `CentrifugePresenceResult` * presenceStats now returns `CentrifugePresenceStatsResult` * Publish now returns `CentrifugePublishResult` * When working with Centrifugo v3 or Centrifuge >= v0.18.0 it's now possible to avoid using `?format=protobuf` in connection URL. Client will negotiate Protobuf protocol with a server using WebSocket subprotocol mechanism (in request headers).
1 year ago
* Fix internal error handling in subscription reply – now properly reconnect upon internal error received.
1 year ago
* Message recovery support for client-side subscriptions. See [#39](https://github.com/centrifugal/centrifuge-swift/pull/39). Thanks to Anton Selyanin. * update protobuf definitions
1 year ago
* Add initial WebSocket reconnection delay (mitigating issues with Starscream connect timeout). Thanks to Anton Selyanin.

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