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carnivalmobile/carnival-ios-sdk 13.0.0
The Carnival Mobile iOS SDK and example project
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.package(url: "https://github.com/carnivalmobile/carnival-ios-sdk.git", from: "13.0.0")

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Sailthru Mobile SDK for iOS


The Sailthru Mobile SDK for iOS is a drop in library that allows the Sailthru Mobile Marketing platform to integrate with your iOS apps.

The integration process usually only takes a few minutes.

This project contains the Sailthru Mobile library, as well as an example project that you can use to quickly see some of the more advanced features of the SDK.


Detailed integration steps can be found in the official Sailthru Mobile documentation: http://docs.mobile.sailthru.com/docs/ios-integration

Required Frameworks

The Sailthru Mobile SDK requires the following libaries to be linked in your project.

  • CoreLocation.framework
  • AVFoundation.framework
  • MediaPlayer.framework
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • WebKit.framework


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Release Notes

Sailthru Mobile iOS SDK 13.0.0
1 week ago



This release marks the start of converting our codebase from Objective-C to Swift. This change should currently have minimal visible impact on the apps consuming it, however due to the Swift standard libraries only being included in iOS from version 12.2, you will need to set the 'embed Swift standard libraries' option to YES if your app's deployment target is lower than this.


This release migrates the persistently stored SDK data from the standard NSUserDefaults instance to a CoreData implementation. This should prevent issues with data loss due to UserDefaults being cleared. Again, this change should happen seamlessly for the consuming apps, but some extra testing is recommended to ensure that there are no data migration issues when apps upgrade to this SDK version.

Bug Fixes

Fixes a small issue in purchase items and purchase adjustments that allowed the prices to be set as non-integer values when provide by the React Native wrapper SDK.

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