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CloudyKit is a drop in replacement for Apple's CloudKit on Linux. It uses CloudKit Web Services behind the scenes and has the same API that is used on iOS and macOS.


Swift Package Manager

CloudyKit is available through Swift Package Manager. To install it, add the dependency to your Package.swift file:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/camdenfullmer/CloudyKit.git", from: "0.1.0"),
targets: [
    .target(name: "YourTarget", dependencies: ["CloudyKit"]),


Before you get started using CloudyKit there a few things that need to be set up first.

Server-to-Server Key

First, you must create a Server-to-Server Key that CloudyKit can use to authenticate its requests.

CloudyKitConfig.serverKeyID = "YOUR SERVER KEY ID"
CloudyKitConfig.serverPrivateKey = try CKPrivateKey(path: "eckey.pem")


CloudyKit allows you to switch between your development and production environments by doing the following:

CloudyKitConfig.environment = .development // Use `.production` for production.

Supported Features

Below is the list of supported and upcoming features for CloudyKit.

  • ☑ Creating Records
  • ☑ Saving Records
  • ☑ Fetching Records
  • ☑ Querying Records
  • ☑ Deleting Records
  • ☑ Uploading Assets
  • ☐ All Types (missing Locations, Lists)
  • ☐ Private and Shared Databases
  • ☐ Operations
  • ☐ Errors
  • ☐ Fetching Record Changes

API Differences


NSSortDescriptor on Linux does not offer an initializer with a key String value. Instead, use the typealias SortDescriptor that offers the same API.

let sortDescriptor = SortDescriptor(key: "KEY", ascending: true) // instead of NSSortDescriptor(key: "KEY", ascending: true)


NSPredicate on Linux does not support an initializer with a predicate format. Instead, use the typealias Predicate that offers the same API.

let predicate = Predicate(format: "ANY favoriteColors = 'red'") // instead of NSPredicate(format: "ANY favoriteColors = 'red'")


Please open up an issue or reach out to me on Twitter if you have any questions or need help using the library!


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Version 0.1.2 - 2021-01-08T02:46:01


  • Fix support for list of strings when creating records (#8, #9)

Version 0.1.1 - 2020-12-30T01:35:11


  • Fixed production case on Environment enum (#2, #3)

Version 0.1.0 - 2020-12-29T01:20:45


  • Initial release of CloudyKit