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calimarkus/JDStatusBarNotification 2.0.6
Highly customizable & feature rich notifications displayed below the status bar. iOS 13+. Swift ready!
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🕓 2 days ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
22 hours ago
This release note includes all changes from 2.0.0 to 2.0.6. ## [2.0.6] - 2022-06-27 ### Added - Subtitle support (customizable) - Generic left view support (think icons, profile pictures, etc.), customizable layout - Explicitly customizable ActivityIndicator color - Prevent dismissal during user interaction (hold or pan), configurable. - Ability to disable Tap-To-Hold behavior - Added rubber-banding effect when panning down on notification (.pill style only) - Use pill height as minimum pill width. - Overhauled all public API documentation & converted it to the docc syntax ### Changed - Renamed: `JDStatusBarStyle` -> `JDStatusBarNotificationStyle` & sub-style classes. (Note: If you initalize styles in your codebase this is a breaking change. The current API design doesn't expect users to initialize styles, but it is possible to do so.) - Renamed private classes and enums and their swift naming for more consistency. - Remove `.centerWithTextUnlessSubtitleExists`, default to `.centerWithText`. - Changed Swift Package `swift-tools-version` to 5.3 - Added `.spi.yml` for better Swift Package Index integration ### Fixed - WindowScene inferred automatically (no need to set it explicitly anymore) - Disable drag-to-dismiss during dismiss animation - Tweaked default style pill size & positioning - Don't clip text to bounds - Fix failing animation on presentation calls during ongoing presentation - Fix progress bar sometimes not showing up (Click the [2.0.6] version number for a full diff compared to the major release of 2.0.0.) [2.0.6]: https://github.com/calimarkus/JDStatusBarNotification/compare/2.0.0...2.0.6
22 hours ago
## [2.0.0] - 2022-06-19 Big release. Many bugfixes, expanded public API, new features. Modernized outdated codebase - more or less a full rewrite. This is a breaking API release. Existing code using previous versions of this library will require some adjustments. Those adjustments should be simple though - mostly new API naming. ### Added - A pill shaped layout (original layout available as "full-width" layout) - Drag-to-dismiss + general support for user interaction on the notification - Easy progress bar animation through public API - Custom view presentation - Presentation when no status bar is visible - More robust layouting of text & activity indicator - Support for apps that use window scenes - Explicit Swift naming for all public APIs + Swift example project - Full fledged style editor in example project + config export ### Fixed - Many bug fixes ### Changed - Non-notch device layout matches notch device layout now - Included styles moved to explicit API, instead of `styleName` API - `JDStatusBarView` internals no longer exposed, custom view APIs added instead. (Click the [2.0.0] version number for a full diff compared to the previous version.) [2.0.0]: https://github.com/calimarkus/JDStatusBarNotification/compare/1.6.1...2.0.0

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