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Make your stylesheets classes strong-typed within Swift enums. This is plugin for Publish static site generator.
.package(url: "https://github.com/c0dedbear/StrongTypedCSSPublishPlugin.git", from: "0.1.0")


Tests Swift 5.3 Swift Package Manager Mac Publish Plugin

Make your stylesheets classes strong-typed within powerful Swift enums 💥


Add the package to your SPM dependencies.

.package(name: "StrongTypedCSSPublishPlugin", url: "https://github.com/c0dedbear/StrongTypedCSSPublishPlugin", from: "0.1.0"),


  1. Put your stylesheets files (.css, .scss, .sass) at the "Resources/css" folder (it's default path, but you can changed it).
  2. Create your own enum(or enums) with String rawValue cases duplicating stylesheets class names and conform it to "StrongTypeCSS" and "CaseIterable" protocols.
import StrongTypedCSSPublishPlugin

enum CSS: String, CaseIterable {
	case container
	case myPost = "my-post"
	case marginLeft = "margin-left"

extension CSS: StrongTypeCSS {
	var classDescription: String { "CSS" }

enum CSSAnimation: String, CaseIterable {
	case fadeIn
	case fadeOut

extension CSSAnimation: StrongTypeCSS {
	var classDescription: String { "CSSAnimation" }
  1. Install the plugin using publishing pipeline like this (better if you place it at a very beginning of pipeline):
import StrongTypedCSSPublishPlugin

try YourSite().publish(
	withTheme: .foundation,
	plugins: [
		.checkStrongTypeCSS(of: CSS.allCases + CSSAnimation.allCases),

Note that if your css files not placed in the "Resources/css", you must change 'cssFilesFolderPath' parameter of 'checkStrongTypeCSS' method.

  1. Done! Use it in the .class Node context like this:
// Note that you don't need import plugin in places where you build your HTML

func makePageHTML(for page: Page, context: PublishingContext<Site>) throws -> HTML {
		.head(for: page, on: context.site),
			.header(for: context, selectedSection: nil),
				// Strong typed CSS class node
				// When you need a few classes, just put them together separated with comma
					.class(CSS.myPost, CSS.marginLeft),
					"Sample text"
				 .text("Tap me")

How it works?

Plugin search match between each enum case and stylesheet files contents. If rawValue of StrongTypeCSS-conformed enum will not be found in stylesheet files contents - compiler will throw an error (with some description), and then interrupt execution.

Types of errors:

// Folder with css files not found (check 'cssFilesFolderPath' parameter when installing plugin)
"🔴 Folder with css files not found at '\(cssFilesFolderPath)'")
// Folder was found, but it's empty or without stylesheets files inside.
"🔴 There are no files found in '\(cssFilesFolderPath)'")
// Can't parse file
"🔴 Can't read \($0.name) as String"
// Enum case not found among your stylesheet files
"🔴 '\($0.classDescription).\($0.rawValue)' not found in files \(files.names()) contents. Please check it's name or add it in stylesheets")


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