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bteapot/Toast 1.1.4
iOS application-wide user notification system
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.package(url: "https://github.com/bteapot/Toast.git", from: "1.1.4")


iOS application-wide user notification system.


Toast designed to have minimalistic API and no impact on existing interface. It shows its messages in its own UIWindow that is dismissed once last message is dismissed.

When user touches message, contents of that message will be copied to clipboard and message will be dismissed. When user touches outside of any shown message, all visible messages will be dismissed and touch will be propagated further down to your app's interface.

Messages can be shown from any thread. Toast simply dispatches all calls to main thread asynchronously.

Right-to-left languages are fully supported.

Light Dark
Light theme Dark theme


No launch-time setup is required. Showing, dismissing and arranging on-screen messages is fully automatic.


For most common cases you can use two predefined functions. One for successful events:

    title: "Request accepted",
    text: "We will contact you within a day."

And one for failure:

    title: "Authorization error",
    text: "User name or password is incorrect."

To show a message with custom colors use:

    title: "Package status",
    text: "Transferred to a local agent for delivery.",
    foreground: .white,
    background: .systemTeal,
    touched: .white,
    icon: UIImage(systemName: "shippingbox.fill"),
    accessory: UIImage(systemName: "chevron.forward"),
    timeout: 6,
    tap: {
        // show status page


Toast stores its defaults in Toast/Toast/Config structure. You can adjust it just like so:

Toast.Config.text.font = .preferredFont(forTextStyle: .callout)
Toast.Config.cornerRadius = 16
Toast.Config.shadowOpacity = 0.15

Toast.Config.info.icon = UIImage(systemName: "info.circle.fill", withConfiguration: UIImage.SymbolConfiguration(pointSize: 32))
Toast.Config.info.timeout = 6

Toast.Config.error.icon = UIImage(systemName: "exclamationmark.triangle.fill", withConfiguration: UIImage.SymbolConfiguration(pointSize: 32))


Денис Либит, [email protected]


Toast is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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Release Notes

1 year ago

– iOS version requirement lowered to 13.0. – Fixed incorrect absorbing of touches.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/bteapot/Toast/compare/1.0.0...1.0.1

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