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bradhowes/ChorusKernel 3.3.1
An AUv3 audio unit chorus kernel
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.package(url: "https://github.com/bradhowes/ChorusKernel.git", from: "3.3.1")

Chorus Kernel

This is the code that generates a "chorus" effect for AUv3 audio units. Most of the DSP code is in C++ with the rest in Swift and Object-C++. Note that there is no user interface included in this package. There are four products contained in this package:

  • Kernel -- the C++ kernel code
  • KernelBridge -- the Objective-C++ code that provides an API for Swift access
  • ParameterAddress -- an enum that defines the unique AUParameterAddress values for the runtime parameters used by the kernel. Also contains definitions for creating nodes in an AUParameterTree.
  • Parameters -- collection of the runtime parameters and an API for working with them. Also defines a Configuration container that represents a specific set of parameter values that can be stored and recalled.

This package is currently used by the SimplyChorus and the SoundFonts applications.


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