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bporter95/QuickSwiftUI 1.0
Quick convenient functions for SwiftUI
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.package(url: "https://github.com/bporter95/QuickSwiftUI.git", from: "1.0")


Convenient SwiftUI functions and modifiers

Full example are available in the Examples folder



Automatically set the focus state of a text field when onAppear is called

TextField("Name", text: $text)

Center Overlay

Show text at the center of a view conditionally

VStack { }
    .overlay(text: "There are no results", show: noResults)

Did Submit

Implementation of onSubmit that will compile on iOS 14.0+, but will only be called on iOS 15.0+

TextField("Name", text: .constant(""))
    .didSubmit { }

Full Width

Spread a view to fill the width of its parent

Text("Fill It!")

Half Sheet

Modifier functions to easily present a view in a half sheet size, or custom sheet size

VStack {}
    .sheet(isPresented: $showingHalf) {
        Text("Half Sheet")

Keyboard Toolbar

Modifier function to add a "Done" button to the keyboard toolbar

TextField("Name", text: .constant(""))


Customizable Rounded Button similar to the .bordered ButtonStyle

Button("Basic") { }


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