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boinx/BXSwiftUtils untagged-fbfd1f057a2bb645a2ee
Swift extensions and utilities written by Boinx Software Ltd. and IMAGINE GbR
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.package(url: "https://github.com/boinx/BXSwiftUtils.git", from: "untagged-fbfd1f057a2bb645a2ee")


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Swift extensions and utils written by Boinx Software Ltd. & IMAGINE GbR

This framework/package provides many useful classes, extensions, or utils that where written purely in Swift. Documentation is currently not available, so check the source code comments.

Feel free to browse the BXSwiftUtils directory. Also, check our Styleguide.

Continuous Integration

Since this project will be embedded in most (if not all) of our products, we want to make sure that it always compiles and functions as expected. Therefore, travis-ci will build every commit and run the tests on both macOS and iOS. Afterwards, a slack notification will be sent to the #dev channel.

The process is described in .travis.yml. Setting the Xcode version also implies a certain macOS and iOS version (This information can be found in the Travis CI Guides). When changing the Xcode version, keep in mind to also update the build destination versions, or the build will fail.


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