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A(nother) parser combinator library inspired by Parsec: Direct Style Monadic Parser Combinators for the Real World, Deterministic, Error-Correcting Combinator Parsers, and funcj.parser, Java parser combinator framework.

Getting Started

This package is intended for use with Swift Package Manager. To use in your own package, add the following dependency:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/bluk/decompose.git", from: "0.2.0")

Be sure to also add Decompose as a dependency in your .target like:

  name: "YourTarget",
  dependencies: ["Decompose"]),

In your code:

import DecomposeCore
import DecomposeOperators



If you wish to modify this code, you can clone this repository and use Swift Package Manager to build and test this code.

swift build
swift test

If you want to generate an Xcode project, you can run:

swift package generate-xcodeproj

Generate Docs

To generate the documentation, you need Ruby installed, and then run:

bundle install
swift package generate-xcodeproj
jazzy -o docs/DecomposeCore --module "DecomposeCore" --module-version latest -g https://github.com/bluk/decompose
jazzy -o docs/DecomposeOperators --module "DecomposeOperators" --module-version latest -g https://github.com/bluk/decompose
jazzy -o docs/DecomposeJSON --module "DecomposeJSON" --module-version latest -g https://github.com/bluk/decompose

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