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Blueshift iOS SDK

Blueshift iOS SDK

Version Carthage compatible License Platform

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How do I report an issue?

The primary -- and the correct -- way to report an issue to us is via the customer support channel. Send us an email on support@blueshift.com from your work email with all the necessary details that contain step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

In addition, include the following details based on the nature of the issue.

  • Crash Log (in case of app crash)
  • Screenshots/Screen Recordings
  • Device details (Make, OS version etc)
  • Blueshift Android/iOS SDK version being used
  • Campaign Name/Link (if available)
  • Template Name/Link (if available)
  • Any extra details that you think would help in repro the issue
  • Compatible with Carthage as prebuild framework, building from GitHub source code is currently not supported

File support tickets for issues that you want to report on GitHub.


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Last commit: 6 days ago


2.1.14 - 2021-03-01T13:36:33

What's new?

  • Added Swift Package Manager support
  • Ability to disable SDK’s event tracking capability at runtime.
    • Disabling this will stop sending custom events and metrics for push and in-app to Blueshift’s servers. It will also remove any pending events (batched or real-time) that are yet to be sent.
/// Disable SDK events tracking
  • Added a public method to accept in-app API’s response (as JSON) from the host app. This method will create the in-app using received JSON response.
BlueShift.sharedInstance()?.handleInAppMessage(forAPIResponse: dictonary, withCompletionHandler: { (status) in                            
  • Added a public method to generate the request body required for Blueshift’s in-app API endpoint.
BlueShift.sharedInstance()?.getInAppNotificationAPIPayload(completionHandler: { (payload) in
   //do something with the payload