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blockchain/My-Wallet-V3-iOS v202212.1.2-rc.13742
Blockchain iOS Wallet
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.package(url: "https://github.com/blockchain/My-Wallet-V3-iOS.git", from: "v202212.1.2-rc.13742")

Blockchain Wallet for iOS

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Homebrew: 3.4.1+ Xcode: 13.2.1+ Ruby: 2.6.9 Ruby-Gems: 3.0.3 Swiftlint: 0.46.5+ Swiftformat: 0.49.5+

If you are using a M1 you might need to update ruby to version 2.7.5 or 3.x.x. Postponing the upgrade now so we don't disturb the current builds until the CI is updated to M1 and everybody get their M1s.


Install Xcode

After installing Xcode, open it to begin the Command Line Tools installation. After finished, make sure that a valid CL Tool version is selected in Xcode > Preferences > Locations > Command Line Tools.

Install homebrew


Install Ruby dependencies

Install a Ruby version manager such as rbenv.

$ brew update && brew install rbenv
$ rbenv init

Install a recent ruby version:

$ rbenv install 2.6.9
$ rbenv global 2.6.9
$ eval "$(rbenv init -)"

For M1 use this: $ rbenv install 2.7.6 $ rbenv global 2.7.6 $ eval "$(rbenv init -)"

Then the project ruby dependencies (fastlane, etc.):

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

Install build dependencies (brew)

$ sh scripts/install-brew-dependencies.sh

Add production Config file

Clone the wallet-ios-credentials repository and copy it's Config directory to this project root directory, it contains a .xcconfig for each environment:


For example, This is how BlockchainConfig/Production.xcconfig looks like:

OPENSSL_CERT_URL = blockchain.info

For example, This is how NetworkKitConfig/Production.xcconfig looks like:

API_URL = api.blockchain.info
EXCHANGE_URL = exchange.blockchain.com
EXPLORER_SERVER = blockchain.com
RETAIL_CORE_URL = api.blockchain.info/nabu-gateway
WALLET_SERVER = blockchain.info
WALLET_HELPER = wallet-helper.blockchain.com/wallet-helper
WEBSOCKET_SERVER = ws.blockchain.info

Add Firebase Config Files

Clone wallet-ios-credentials repository and copy it's Firebase directory into Blockchain directory, it contains a GoogleService-Info.plist for each environment.


Add environment variables for scripts

Clone wallet-ios-credentials repository and copy the env to the root folder of the project, hide the file by using mv env .env


We are integrating XcodeGen and, despite still committing project files in git, we should generate project files using the following script:


$ brew install xcodegen

Generate projects & dependencies:

$ sh scripts/bootstrap.sh

👉 Beware that this will take a while. Feel free to read some docs, a 📖, get a ☕, or go for a 🚶 while it runs…

⚠️ You may need to run the following command if you encounter an xcode-select error:

$ sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer

Build the project



Please refer to the README in the Modules directory. Please also refer to the README in the TestKit directory.


If you would like to contribute code to the Blockchain iOS app, you can do so by forking this repository, making the changes on your fork, and sending a pull request back to this repository.

When submitting a pull request, please make sure that your code compiles correctly and all tests in the BlockchainTests target passes. Be as detailed as possible in the pull request’s summary by describing the problem you solved and your proposed solution.

Additionally, for your change to be included in the subsequent release’s change log, make sure that your pull request’s title and commit message is prefixed using one of the changelog types.

The pull request and commit message format should be:

<changelog type>(<component>): <brief description>

For example:

fix(Create Wallet): Fix email validation

For a full list of supported types, see .changelogrc.


Source Code License: LGPL v3

Artwork & images remain Copyright Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.R.L


Security issues can be reported to us in the following venues:


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