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OAuthSwift Alamofire

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Utility methods to use OAuthSwift to sign Alamofire request.

How to use

This framework provide a RequestInterceptor to set into alamofire Session

let interceptor = oauthswift.requestInterceptor
let session = Session(interceptor: interceptor)

Then you can make you request as usual


or pass the interceptor as argument of request function

session.request("http://oauthbin.com/v1/echo", interceptor: interceptor)

:warning: you must have call authorize function on your OAuthSwift or nothing will be signed.

Refresh token

The OAuth2 interceptor will also automatically refresh the access token, using the Alamofire RequestRetrier mechanism.


Support Carthage

  • Install Carthage (https://github.com/Carthage/Carthage)
  • Create Cartfile file
github "OAuthSwift/OAuthSwiftAlamofire"
  • Run carthage update.
  • On your application targets’ “General” settings tab, in the “Embedded Binaries” section, drag and drop OAuthSwift.framework from the Carthage/Build/iOS folder on disk.

Support CocoaPods

  • Podfile

pod 'OAuthSwiftAlamofire'


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