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bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift 1.0.0-alpha.7
Swift package for bdk-ffi
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iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift.git", from: "1.0.0-alpha.7")


This project is only used to publish a Swift package manager package called bdk-swift with language bindings and corresponding bdkFFI.xcframework for the BitcoinDevKit framework created by the bdk-ffi project. The Swift language bindings files are created by the bdk-ffi ./bdk-ffi sub-project which are copied into, committed and tagged in this bdk-swift repo by the publish-spm github actions workflow.

Any changes to the bdk-swift Swift package must be made via the bdk-ffi repo.

How to Use

To use the Swift language bindings for BitcoinDevKit in your Xcode iOS or MacOS project:

  1. Add the "bdk-swift" package from the repo https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift and select one of the latest minor versions.
  2. Add the BitcoinDevKit framework in your Target config.
  3. Import and use the BitcoinDevKit library in your Swift code. For example:
    import BitcoinDevKit


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Release Notes

Release 0.31.1
2 weeks ago

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