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bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift 0.28.0
Swift package for bdk-ffi
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🕓 4 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
Release 0.28.0
4 weeks ago
Release 0.28.0-rc.0
10 weeks ago
Release 0.25.1
11 weeks ago
Release 0.27.1
14 weeks ago
Release 0.26.0
20 weeks ago
Release 0.25.0
25 weeks ago
## Changelog - Update BDK to latest version 0.25.0 #272 - APIs Added: - from_string() constructors now available on DescriptorSecretKey and DescriptorPublicKey #247 ## What's Changed * Update publish-spm workflow by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/40 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/compare/0.7.1...0.25.0
Release 0.7.1
28 weeks ago
## Summary This release updates BDK to `0.24` and has a number of breaking changes and new APIs. See changelog for all the details. ## Changelog - Update BDK to latest version 0.24.0 #221 - APIs changed - The constructor on the `DescriptorSecretKey` type now takes a `Mnemonic` instead of a `String`. - APIs added - Added `Mnemonic` struct #219 with following methods: - `new(word_count: WordCount)` generates and returns `Mnemonic` with random entropy - `from_string(mnemonic: String)` converts string Mnemonic to `Mnemonic` type with error - `from_entropy(entropy: Vec<u8>)` generates and returns `Mnemonic` with given entropy - `as_string()` view `Mnemonic` as string - APIs removed #219 - `generate_mnemonic(word_count: WordCount)` ## What's Changed * Update bdk-ffi v0.7.0 by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/24 * Updated bdk-ffi to v0.10.0 (bdk 0.23) by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/32 * Use the release-smaller profile in publish-spm workflow by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/35 * Fix publish-spm workflow with release-smaller profile by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/37 * Add MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/38 * Fix publish-spm to commit updated BitcoinDevKit.swift by @notmandatory in https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/pull/39 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-swift/compare/0.6.0...0.7.1
Release 0.6.1
30 weeks ago
## Summary This release updates the BDK 0.23 `rust-bitcoin` dependency to 0.28.2 which includes backported changes from `rust-bitcoin` 0.29 that fix an issue where some specific transactions and/or blocks fail to deserialize.
Release 0.6.0
31 weeks ago
## Summary This release updates BDK to 0.23 and has a number of breaking changes and new apis. See changelog for all the details. ## Changelog - Update BDK to latest version 0.23.0 bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#204 - Update uniffi-rs to latest version 0.21.0 bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#216 - Breaking Changes - Changed `TxBuilder.finish()` to return new `TxBuilderResult` bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#209 - `TxBuilder.add_recipient()` now takes a `Script` instead of an `Address` bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#192 - `AddressAmount` is now `ScriptAmount` bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#192 - APIs Added - Added `TxBuilderResult` with PSBT and TransactionDetails bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#209 - `Address` and `Script` structs have been added bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#192 - Add `PartiallySignedBitcoinTransaction.extract_tx()` function bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#192 - Add `secret_bytes()` method on the `DescriptorSecretKey` bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#199 - Add `PartiallySignedBitcoinTransaction.combine()` method bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi#200 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/compare/v0.9.0...v0.10.0
Release 0.5.0
35 weeks ago
Updated to bdk-ffi from v0.7.0 to v0.9.0 (bdk 0.22). ## What's Changed ### bdk-ffi v0.9.0 #### Breaking Changes - Rename get_network() method on Wallet interface to network() https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/185 - Rename get_transactions() method on Wallet interface to list_transactions() https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/185 - Remove generate_extended_key, returned ExtendedKeyInfo https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/154 - Remove restore_extended_key, returned ExtendedKeyInfo https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/154 - Remove dictionary ExtendedKeyInfo {mnenonic, xprv, fingerprint} https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/154 - Remove interface Transaction https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/190 - Changed Wallet interface list_transaction() to return array of TransactionDetails https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/190 - Update bdk dependency version to 0.22 https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/193 #### APIs Added - generate_mnemonic(), returns string mnemonic - interface DescriptorSecretKey - new(Network, string_mnenoinc, password), contructs DescriptorSecretKey - derive(DerivationPath), derives and returns child DescriptorSecretKey - extend(DerivationPath), extends and returns DescriptorSecretKey - as_public(), returns DescriptorSecretKey as DescriptorPublicKey - as_string(), returns DescriptorSecretKey as String - interface DescriptorPublicKey - derive(DerivationPath) derives and returns child DescriptorPublicKey - extend(DerivationPath) extends and returns DescriptorPublicKey - as_string() returns DescriptorPublicKey as String - Add to interface Blockchain the get_height() and get_block_hash() methods https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/184 - Add to interface TxBuilder the set_recipients(recipient: Vec<AddressAmount>) method [#186] - Add to dictionary TransactionDetails the confirmation_time field https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/190 - Interfaces Added https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/154 - DescriptorSecretKey - DescriptorPublicKey - DerivationPath ### bdk-ffi 0.8.0 - Update BDK to version 0.20.0 https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/169 - APIs Added - TxBuilder.add_data(data: Vec<u8>) https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/163 - Wallet.list_unspent() returns Vec<LocalUtxo> https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/158 - Add coin control methods on TxBuilder https://github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-ffi/pull/164
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