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bioche/RealmBinaries 10.40.2
Vends Realm xcframeworks via SPM to save build time
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🕓 25 weeks ago
iOS macOS watchOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/bioche/RealmBinaries.git", from: "10.40.2")


Vends Realm xcframeworks via SPM to save build time

How to release a new version :

  • Download from https://github.com/realm/realm-swift/releases last release artefacts realm-swift-.zip
  • It should contain multiple xcode versions of Realm & RealmSwift xcframeworks
  • Compress & rename the last 2 versions of these frameworks (ex : "Realm_13_4_1.xcframework.zip", "RealmSwift_13_4_1.xcframework.zip", "Realm_14_0.xcframework.zip", "RealmSwift_14_0.xcframework.zip")
  • Run swift package compute-checksum from this repo folder for each of the 4 zips
  • In Package.swift :
    • Update realmVersion variable value to new Realm version (ex: "10.34.1")
    • Replace swift version with version from current XCode (found here https://xcodereleases.com/)
    • Replace xcode version & checksums
    • Update iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS handled versions if Realm handled versions changed
  • Push, tag with the same version number as original repo & upload all 4 zips as assets of the release


Stars: 8
Last commit: 25 weeks ago
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Release Notes

Release 10.40.2 / Xcode 14.3.1
25 weeks ago

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