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bigearsenal/BEPureLayout 0.4.0
Useful initializers for UIViews using PureLayout
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.package(url: "https://github.com/bigearsenal/BEPureLayout.git", from: "0.4.0")


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To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.



BEPureLayout is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'BEPureLayout'


BEPureLayout adds some custom UI classes, short-hand helper-functions to well-known PureLayout library that helps developers quickly create common UIComponents like pure UIView, UIButton, UILabel, UIImageView,... Besides, this library add some common-used methods for adding constraints.


BEViewController is a subclass of UIViewController which was implemented methods for easy NavigationBar configurations and setUps

  • Layout code should be implemented inside override func setUp()
  • DataBinding should be implemented inside override func bind()
  • For NavigationBar customization, override property var preferredNavigationBarStype: BEViewController.NavigationBarStyle
  • For changing navigationBar's backgroundColor, use setNavigationBarBackgroundColor(:)
  • For changing navigationBar's textStyle, use setNavigationBarTitleStyle(textColor: UIColor, font: UIFont)


init(width:, height:, backgroundColor:, cornerRadius:)


init(width:, height:, backgroundColor:, cornerRadius:, label:, labelFont:, textColor:, contentInsets:)


init(text:, textSize:, weight:, textColor:, numberOfLines:, textAlignment:)


init(width:, height:, backgroundColor:, cornerRadius:, imageNamed:, contentMode:)


init(width:, height:, backgroundColor:, cornerRadius:, font:, keyboardType:, placeholder:, autocorrectionType:, autocapitalizationType:, spellCheckingType:, textContentType:, isSecureTextEntry:, horizontalPadding:, leftView:, leftViewMode:, rightView:, rightViewMode:)

Note: You don't have to provide all properties to initializers. Only provide known or required properties, then other properties will be set by default. For example, if the view's width is based on superview's width, then just remove the width property from the initializer: UIView(height: 30) and add needed width constraint to superview

New methods for adding constraint

  • autoPinToTopLeftCornerOfSuperview
  • autoPinToTopRightCornerOfSuperview
  • autoPinToBottomLeftCornerOfSuperview
  • autoPinToBottomRightCornerOfSuperview
  • autoPinToTopLeftCornerOfSuperviewSafeArea
  • autoPinToTopRightCornerOfSuperviewSafeArea
  • autoPinToBottomLeftCornerOfSuperviewSafeArea
  • autoPinToBottomRightCornerOfSuperviewSafeArea
  • autoPinBottomToSuperViewSafeAreaAvoidKeyboard


This subclass of UIScrollView contains a contentView that is hugged inside ScrollView itself and only scrollable in a defined direction provided by property scrollableAxis. Everything that needs to add to ScrollView should be added only to its contentView. For example:

let scrollView = ContentHuggingScrollView(scrollableAxis: .vertical)

let label = UILabel(text: "Very long text.....")



This subclass of UIView allows you to create flexible tableHeaderView for UITableView. After any layout changes in this BETableHeaderView, it will reassign itself as tableView's tableHeaderView and triggle re-layout in tableView.

The usage of BETableHeaderView is quite simple, you can subclass it and override function commonInit to layout its content:

class MyTableHeaderView: BETableHeaderView {
    lazy var label = UILabel(text: "TableViewHeaderView is loading...", textSize: 20, weight: .bold, textColor: .black, numberOfLines: 0)
    override func commonInit() {
        label.autoPinEdgesToSuperviewEdges(with: UIEdgeInsets(top: 16, left: 16, bottom: 0, right: 16))

Then you can construct MyTableHeaderView alongside with UITableView using initializer:

let tableHeaderView = MyTableHeaderView(tableView: tableView)

And freely change content of headerView without any concern about re-layouting

tableHeaderView.label.text =
    TableHeaderView was loaded

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For more detail, see Example project


bigearsenal, bigearsenal@gmail.com


BEPureLayout is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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