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benlmyers/better-binding 1.1.4
A small SwiftUI extension that improves Binding operators.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/benlmyers/better-binding.git", from: "1.1.4")


BetterBinding aims to improve SwiftUI's Binding by introducing several operators that will save you time when writing SwiftUI views.


BetterBinding can be installed via Swift Package Manager:



BetterBinding has 5 binding-related operators you can use to make using Binding in your projects much quicker.

Quick Constant

Define a constant using the % operator:

%false // .constant(false)
%variable // .constant(variable)
%(-2.0) // .constant(-2.0)

Quick Unwrap

Unwrap a binding using the % operator:

%myBindingVar // myBindingVar.wrappedValue

Conditional Unwrap

Unwrap Binding<Optional<T>> values conditionally:

$myBindingOptionalValue ?? %true

Force Unwrap

Unwrap Binding<Optional<T>> values forcefully:


Binding and Non-Binding Equality

Check the equality of a Binding<T>'s unwrapped value with a T value, and get a Binding<Bool> source of truth:

Toggle("Option 0", isOn: $optionValue == 0)
Toggle("Option 1", isOn: $optionValue == 1)
Toggle("Option 2", isOn: $optionValue != 2)

Logical Operators

Use binary locical operators to unify two Binding<Bool>s:

Toggle("A or B", isOn: $valueA || $valueB) // Toggling this will set both to the new value.
Toggle("A and B", isOn: $valueA && $valueB) // Toggling this will set both to the new value.

Negate a Binding<Bool>:

Toggle("Not A", isOn: !$valueA)


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