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IPAddress_v4 is a Swift library for doing basic handling of IPv4 Addresses expressed as single addresses, ranges, or CIDRs.

This package is very loosely based on the IPv4 handling from the ipaddress module for python3.


IPAddress_v4 is used to express single IP addresses.

To create a new IPAddress_v4 instance:

// From a String
let ip = IPAddress_v4("")
// From an Int
let ip = IPAddress_v4(2130706433)
Available Properties

|Name|Description|Type| |---|---|---| |address| A String representation of the address.|String| |integer| An Int representation of the address.|Int| |version| IP version.|Int| |reversePointer|The name of the reverse DNS PTR record for the address.|String| |isMulticast|If the address is reserved for multicast use.|Bool| |isPrivate|If the address is allocated for private networks.|Bool| |isReserved|If the address is otherwise IETF reserved.|Bool| |isLoopback|If the address is a loopback address.|Bool| |isLinkLocal|If the address is reserved for link-local usage.|Bool|


IPNetwork_v4 is used to express a network of IP Addresses.

To create a new IPNetwork_v4 instance:

// From a CIDR String
let net = IPNetwork_v4("")
// From an IP Range
let net = IPNetwork_v4("")
// From a single IP Address
let net = IPNetwork_v4("")
Available Properties

|Name|Description|Type| |---|---|---| |version| IP version.|Int| |maxPrefixLen|Maximum IP prefix length.|Int| |prefix|The prefix for the network.|Int| |withPrefix|A String representation of the CIDR. e.g. <Address>/<Prefix>.|String| |netMask|The net mask as an IPAddress_v4 Object.|IPAddress_v4| |withNetMask|A String representation of the address with its net mask. e.g. <Address>/<Net Mask>|String| |networkAddress|The network address for the network.|IPAddress_v4| |broadcastAddress|The broadcast address for the network.|IPAddress_v4| |isRange|If the network was defined as a range. If so, some properties may not be available.|Bool| |hosts|An Array of IPAddress_v4 addresses that belong to the network. This includes the network address and broadcast address.|Array| |usableHosts|This is the same as hosts but it excludes the network and broadcast addresses.|Array| |count|The total number of addresses included in the network.|Int|


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0.1.0 - Nov 4, 2018

This release only offers basic IPAddress and IPNetwork functionality.