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bdewey/SpacedRepetitionScheduler v0.5.0
Swift implementation of an Anki-like spaced repetition scheduler
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.package(url: "https://github.com/bdewey/SpacedRepetitionScheduler.git", from: "v0.5.0")


Implements an Anki-style spaced repetition scheduler for active recall prompts.


In a learning system that uses active recall, learners are presented with a prompt and rate their ability to recall the corresponding information. SpacedRepetitionScheduler recommends a time interval to wait before showing a learner the same prompt again, given his/her history of recalling the information associated with this prompt and how well he/she did recalling the associated information this time. The recommended time intervals for a given prompt will increase the more frequently the learner recalls the information associated with a prompt.

SpacedRepetitionScheduler considers a prompt to be in one of two modes when making time interval recommendations: learning or review.

  • In the learning mode, the learner must successfully recall the corresponding information a specific number of times with specific time intervals between recall attempts. After successfully recalling the associated information the specified number of times, the prompt graduates to the review state.
  • In the review mode, the amount of time between successive reviews of a prompt increases by a geometric progression with each successful recall.

Where to start in the code

Representing prompts

  • PromptSchedulingMetadata -- Information needed to determine the recommended time to review a prompt again.
  • PromptSchedulingMode -- Whether the prompt is in learning or review mode.

Scheduling parameters

  • RecallEase -- Rating for how easy it is to recall the information associated with a prompt.
  • SchedulingParameters -- Holds parameters used to determine the recommended time to schedule the next review of a prompt.


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Release Notes

Xcode 13 + DocC
2 years ago

Moves to swift-tools 5.5 for DocC support.

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