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A pure-Swift library for nested display of horizontal and vertical scrolling views
.package(url: "https://github.com/bawn/Aquaman.git", from: "0.1.3")


License MIT Pod version Platform info Support Swift 4.2




  • iOS 9.0+
  • Swift 4.2+
  • Xcode 10+


CocoaPods (recommended)


pod 'Aquaman'


English documentation

首先需要导入 Aquaman

import Aquaman

创建 AquamanPageViewController 子类

import Aquaman

class PageViewController: AquamanPageViewController {
  // ...

重写以下协议方法以提供 viewController 和相应的数量

override func numberOfViewControllers(in pageController: AquamanPageViewController) -> Int {
    return count
override func pageController(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController, viewControllerAt index: Int) -> (UIViewController & AquamanChildViewController) {
    // ...
    return viewController

注意: 所提供的 viewController 必须都遵守 AquamanChildViewController 协议,并实现 func aquamanChildScrollView() -> UIScrollView 方法

import Aquaman
class ChildViewController: UIViewController, AquamanChildViewController {

    @IBOutlet weak var tableView: UITableView!
    func aquamanChildScrollView() -> UIScrollView {
        return tableView
    // ...

重写以下协议方法以提供 headerView 及其高度

override func headerViewFor(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController) -> UIView {
    return HeaderView()

override func headerViewHeightFor(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController) -> CGFloat {
    return headerViewHeight

重写以下协议方法以提供 menuView 及其高度

override func menuViewFor(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController) -> UIView {
    return menuView

override func menuViewHeightFor(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController) -> CGFloat {
    return menuViewHeight

Aquaman 采用的是 menuView 和主体功能分离的设计,以满足 menuView 有时候需要深度定制的需求,所以 menuView 需要开发者自己实现,当然这里也提供了现成的 menuView 库:Trident

更新 menuView 的布局

override func pageController(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController, contentScrollViewDidScroll scrollView: UIScrollView) {

override func pageController(_ pageController: AquamanPageViewController, didDisplay viewController: (UIViewController & AquamanChildViewController), forItemAt index: Int) {
        menuView.checkState(animation: true)

由于 menuView 和 pageController 不存在强关联关系,所以在滚动的时候需要更新 menuView 布局,在显示相应的 viewController 的时候需要检查 menuView 的状态,具体参考 demo


Follow these 4 steps to run Example project:

  1. Clone Aquaman repository
  2. Run the pod install command
  3. Open Aquaman workspace
  4. Run the Aquaman-Demo project.


Aquaman is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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Release Notes

0.1.3 Support SPM
30 weeks ago

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