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bartosz-treeline/GooglePlaces 6.2.1
GooglePlaces framework packed as a swift package
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.package(url: "https://github.com/bartosz-treeline/GooglePlaces.git", from: "6.2.1")


GooglePlaces framework packed as a swift package

Steps to create SPM package

  1. Download the code from https://github.com/YAtechnologies/GoogleMaps-SP
  2. Update the Cartfile to have only GooglePlaces reference, so the carthage downloads only the GooglePlaces framework. Update the version to the desired one, e.g.: 6.2.1-beta.
  3. Update the make_xcframework.sh script to process only GooglePlaces framework.
  4. Use bash ./make_xcframework.sh -g in order to fetch the framework and make xcframework out of it.
  5. Make some adjustments inside the xcframework:
  • move *.bundle one directory up, out of Resources directory
  • remove Resources directory
  • remove Info.plist from the *.bundle directory
  • make the binary inside the *.framework an executable by invoking chmod +x <binary>
  • add simplified Info.plist inside the *.framework directory (see Releases for reference)
  1. Comment out the carthage step, so the carthage does not download the binary and override made changes
  2. Run bash ./make_xcframework.sh -g to create xcframework once again
  3. Use the Build folder (zip * checksum inside) to distribute the framework as a swift package.


https://github.com/firebase/firebase-ios-sdk/blob/master/Package.swift https://github.com/PSPDFKit/PSPDFKit-SP/blob/master/Package.swift https://github.com/YAtechnologies/GoogleMaps-SP/blob/main/Package.swift


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