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This is a system library wrapper for MKL (https://software.intel.com/en-us/mkl)

Downloading MKL: https://software.seek.intel.com/performance-libraries

  • Enter your information and you should be redirected to registrationcenter.intel.com
  • Under "Choose Product to Download", select "Intel Math Kernel Library for {X}" where {X} is your OS
  • Under "Choose a Version", select "2019 Update 3"
  • Select "Customizable Package"

This should download a tar file with an installer. I am on Linux, so your experience may vary:

  • My home directory is /home/barrymoo, I place code in /home/barrymoo/src (probably a poor naming choice in this case)
  • From /home/barrymoo/src, tar xvf ~/Downloads/l_mkl_2019.3.199_online.tgz and cd l_mkl_2019.3.199_online
  • Run ./install.sh and follow the prompts. I chose to install into /home/bmooreii/src/mkl

Now you are ready to use MKL. See https://github.com/barrymoo/swift-mkl-daxpy for an example of using this library.


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