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NotificationHub is managed GitHub notification.
Using SwiftUI and Combine and Swift Package Manager for iOS.



NotificationHub is necessary secret information for running application. You can setup this secret information files with $make setup.

$ make setup

But it maybe got error about XXX unbound variable. So, It must be to prepared secret variables as environment variables when exec $ make setup.

The following environment variables must be prepared.

    • GitHub OAuth Application Client ID
    • GitHub OAuth Application Client Secret
    • GitHub OAuth Application Callback URL. It is used custom URL schema (e.g awesomeapp://)

After exported above environment variables, to try $ make setup again.

After the execution $make setup you can confirm Secret.swift and Info.plist are created same directory of below files named by .sample.

  1. Secret.swift.sample
  2. Info.plist.sample

This Project Features

  • Use SwiftUI
  • Use Combine
  • Install Library via Swift Package Manager
  • Architecture is Redux
  • Use bitrise

Contact and Contributions

If you contact me(or us) about bug report, improved, question technology, Please create issue. Of course, I'm looking forward your to pull request is also waiting.


App Store

NotificationHub: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/notificationhub/id1484099869?l=en


NotificationHub is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.