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Provides Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) capabilities.


Xcode 11+

AESCryptable Xcode 11 SPM

(More on the topic from WWDC 2019: Adopting Swift Packages in Xcode and Creating Swift Packages.)

Via Package.swift

In your Package.swift, add AESCryptable as a dependency:

dependencies: [
  // 🔐 AES encryption/decryption with random iv. Swift 5 and up.
  .package(url: "https://github.com/backslash-f/aescryptable", from: "1.0.0")

Associate the dependency with your target:

targets: [
  .target(name: "App", dependencies: ["AESCryptable"])

Run: swift build


import AESCryptable

do {
  // encrypt
  let aes = try AES(keyString: "01234567890123456789012345678901")
  let encryptedData = try aes.encrypt("The black knight always triumphs!")

  // decrypt
  let decryptedString = try aes.decrypt(encryptedData)
  print(decryptedString) // The black knight always triumphs!

} catch {

(Refer to the test class for a high-level overview.)


Clone the repo and use AESCryptable.playground to see the code in action:

AESCryptable Demo


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v2.0.0 - Jun 27, 2019

v1.0.3 - Apr 4, 2019

v1.0.2 - Apr 4, 2019

Kudos to the user Leo from SO:

  • Favor Data(string.utf8) over string.data(using: .utf8)
  • Remove stringToDataFailed error

Also added a Playground to make it easier to see the code in action.

v1.0.1 - Apr 3, 2019

  • Bring back random iv generation
  • Remove NSData.bytes usage

v1.0.0 - Mar 31, 2019