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awxkee/avif.swift 1.1.1
Fast encoding and decoding AVIF in Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/awxkee/avif.swift.git", from: "1.1.1")


What's This?

avif.swift the package to easy compress UIImage to AVIF and decompress AVIF to UIImage

Library uses precompiled libaom and dav1d to ensure in fast encoding/decoding
Main aim of the project is to use AVIF image in iOS etc with usable speed and convenience

Supports animated AVIF's with realtime FPS like 24+ Also supports encoding animated AVIF's

Precompiled for iOS 14+, Mac OS 12+, Mac Catalyst 14+


Swift Package Manager

Go to File / Swift Packages / Add Package Dependency… and enter package repository URL https://github.com/awxkee/avif.swift.git, then select the latest master branch at the time of writing.


// Decompress data
let uiImage: UIImage? = AVIFDecoder().decode(Data(), sampleSize: .zero) // or any max CGSize of image
// Compress
let data: Data = try AVIFEncoder().encode(image: UIImage())

// Decode animated
let animatedDecoder = AnimatedDecoder(withData: Data())
let frame: CGImage = try animatedDecoder.get(frame: 1)
let image: UIImage = try animatedDecoder.getImage(frame: 1) 

// Encode animation
import avifc

let animatedEncoder = AVIFAnimatedEncoder()
try animatedEncoder.addImage(UIImage(), duration: 250)
let encodedData = animatedEncoder.encode()

Nuke Plugin

If you wish to use AVIF with Nuke you may add avifnuke library to project and activate the plugin on app init

import avifnuke


let imageView = UIImageView()
let avifimageURL = URL(string: "https://bestavifdomain.com/sample.avif")!
Nuke.loadImage(with: url, into: imageView)

Currently, avif nuke plugin do not support animated avifs so you have to do it yourself


  • ☐ Tests
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Release Notes

Release 1.1.1

Migrated to latest libdav1d

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