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automerge/automerge-swift-backend 0.1.10
A XCFramework wrapper for the rs-backend
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.package(url: "https://github.com/automerge/automerge-swift-backend.git", from: "0.1.10")

Automerge Swift Backend

This directory contains the script and components needed to generate an XCFramework that allows the Apple platforms to link and use the backend for Automerge, implemented in Rust.


Install Xcode and the Rust programming language.

The Rust programming language doesn't have std library support pre-built and available for some of the platforms in the stable branch, so to build this library you'll need to use nightly.

You can change the default tooling using the command:

rustup default nightly

To generate an XCFramework

  1. Clone the automerge-rs onto your local machine.

  2. Change the working directory to automerge-rs, then clone this repository into its top level directory. You should end up with automerge-rs/automerge-swift-backend.

  3. Run the command sh automerge-swift-backend/cargo_xcframeworks.sh from the top level of the automerge-rs.

The script adds the relevant targets, installs xargo to build the relevant platform sysroots, and builds the code for the various platforms. After the platforms are built, the script combines the individual static libraries into fat libraries for the framework, and then compiles the framework.

The generated framework resides in the xcframework directory.


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Release Notes

Bring back catalyst support
1 year ago

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