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asensei/vapor-fluent-mongo 1.2.1
Swift ORM (queries, models, relations, etc) built on MongoDB.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/asensei/vapor-fluent-mongo.git", from: "1.2.1")


Swift Build Status

Mongo driver for Fluent 5.x.

Environment Variables

Name Required Default Value (e.g.) Description
FLUENT_MONGO_CONNECTION_URL - mongodb:// Mongo connection string.

Getting Started

Install FluentMongo

Please follow the instructions in the previous section on installing the MongoDB C Driver before proceeding.

Add FluentMongo to your dependencies in Package.swift:

// swift-tools-version:5.5
import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "MyPackage",
    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/asensei/fluent-mongo.git", from: "VERSION.STRING.HERE"),
    targets: [
        .target(name: "MyPackage", dependencies: ["FluentMongo"])


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