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appoly/PhotographyKit 0.25
A swift library for quickly integrating a built in camera session into your app.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/appoly/PhotographyKit.git", from: "0.25")


A swift library for quickly integrating a built in camera session into your app.

Installing with cocoapods

pod 'PhotographyKit'

Quick start

First start by creating a PhotographyKitDelegate, this will handle the result of any images being captured

extension CameraViewController: PhotographyKitDelegate {
    func didCaptureImage(image: UIImage) {
        imageView.image = image
    func didStartRecordingVideo() {
        print("Recording started...")
    func didFinishRecordingVideo(url: URL) {
        print("Finished recording video to \(url.absoluteString)")
    func didFailRecordingVideo(error: Error) {
        print("Failed recording video to \(url.absoluteString) with error: \(error.localizedDescription)")

Once you have your delegate setup, you can initialize your PhotographyKit object. The initializer takes 2 arguments:

  • A view that will be used to display your camera preview
  • The delegate which we declare above.
  • Be aware that if your PhotographyKit object allows video then you will need microphone permissions
do {
    camera = try PhotographyKit(view: captureView, delegate: self, allowsVideo: true)
} catch let error {
    showPhotographyKitError(error as? PhotographyKitError)

Once this is done you can toggle flash, switch cameras, take photos and record videos

try? camera.takePhoto()
try? camera.startVideoRecording(maxLength: 15)
try? camera.switchCamera()
try? camera.toggleFlash(.auto)


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