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Apollo iOS

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Apollo iOS is a strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift.

It allows you to execute queries and mutations against a GraphQL server, and returns results as query-specific Swift types. This means you don’t have to deal with parsing JSON, or passing around dictionaries and making clients cast values to the right type manually. You also don't have to write model types yourself, because these are generated from the GraphQL definitions your UI uses.

As the generated types are query-specific, you're only able to access data you actually specify as part of a query. If you don't ask for a field, you won't be able to access the corresponding property. In effect, this means you can now rely on the Swift type checker to make sure errors in data access show up at compile time. With our Xcode integration, you can conveniently work with your UI code and corresponding GraphQL definitions side by side, and it will even validate your query documents, and show errors inline.

Apollo iOS does more than simply run your queries against a GraphQL server: It normalizes query results to construct a client-side cache of your data, which is kept up to date as further queries and mutations are run. This means your UI is always internally consistent, and can be kept fully up-to-date with the state on the server with the minimum number of queries required.

This combination of models with value semantics, one way data flow, and automatic consistency management, leads to a very powerful and elegant programming model that allows you to eliminate common glue code and greatly simplifies app development.


Read the full docs at apollographql.com/docs/ios/


Read about the latest changes to the library


This project is being developed using Xcode 11 and Swift 5.0.

If you open Apollo.xcworkspace, you should be able to run the tests of the Apollo, ApolloSQLite, and ApolloWebSocket frameworks on your Mac or an iOS Simulator.

NOTE: Due to a change in behavior in Xcode 11's git integration, if you check this repo out using Xcode, please close the window Xcode automatically opens using the Swift Package manager structure, and open the Apollo.xcworkspace file instead.

Some of the tests run against a simple GraphQL server serving the Star Wars example schema (see installation instructions there).

If you'd like to contribute, please refer to the Apollo Contributor Guide.


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0.16.1 - Oct 3, 2019

  • Updated the way run-bundled-codegen checks whether the bundled codegen has already been unzipped and has node locally. (#806)
  • Updated how default parameters are provided for RequestCreatorProtocol. (#804)

0.16.0 - Sep 24, 2019

  • BREAKING: We've switched to a much simpler setup which does not involve NPM in order to use our CLI. This requires updating your build scripts. Please follow the updated instructions for setting up the build script here. The existing build script will continue to work until the next minor release, at which point it will be removed. (#766)
  • Included CLI version fixes issues which showed up in 0.15.2.
  • BREAKING: We've removed all public references to our internal Promise implementation, which was never intended to be public. (#709)
  • Fixed a deadlock in a transaction. (#763, #365)
  • Added a RequestCreatorProtocol to allow you to more easily muck with and/or mock creating multipart requests. (#771)
  • Fixed an issue causing problems building with SPM in Xcode 11. (#784)

0.15.3 - Sep 13, 2019

  • Revert CLI update from 0.15.2 due to unexpected build issues.

0.15.2 - Sep 12, 2019

  • Update Apollo CLI requirement to 2.18. This should pull in a couple fixes to the CLI:

    • Way better escaping of identifiers, types, and strings (Tooling #1515)
    • Fix compiler warning when an optional has a .none case (Tooling #1482)

    If you run into any weird build issues after this update, try deleting your local node_modules folder and rebuilding before filing an issue. (#760)

  • Better handling of the localizedDescription for HTTPResponseError. (#756)

0.15.1 - Sep 4, 2019

  • Add platform name to framework bundle identifier to work around a change to app store submission. Please see the PR for more details. (#751)
  • Expose the initializer for GraphQLQueryWatcher so it can actually be instantiated. (#750)