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This is the github for API Shell.
.package(url: "https://github.com/anxiousrabbit/ASH.git", from: "1.3.0")


API Shell


ASH (stands for API Shell) is a Swift based shell that fully utilizes APIs built into the language. This allows actions performed by a Swift binary to go unnoticed by EDR solutions. The code itself is benign and uses built in benign APIs; however, the APIs themselves can return and perform valuable information and actions.

The goal of open sourcing this shell is to help build detection around API actions and to build awareness around potential attack methods threat actors may utilize.

I do plan to add more functions to ASH over time and rework some of the code.

I did not test this on Linux; however, I did not limit the system requirements for those who want to see if this shell also works on Linux.


I have tested this solely on macOS (I don't know how Linux support is but I would love to hear about it). I have also primarily used this using Xcode's built in package manager: I have not tested this package with third party package managers. Instructions on how to use Xcode's package manager can be found at the link below.


Once the package is added as a dependancy, import the package to your project's .swift file: import ASH

After ASH is imported into the project, you can call the package using the following format replacing command with a string or a variable that contains a string. The string must be a valid ASH command that can be seen in the man section or a valid Terminal command: ASH.command(command: command!)

Library Results

All results from this library will be returned in a dictionary that will contain the command passed, the type of the results, and the results themselves. With commands that involve raw data being returned, the filename will be passed as well with the data. The dictionary looks like:

["inCommand":inCommand, "returnType":returnType, "returnData":returnData]


["inCommand":inCommand, "returnType":returnType, "fileName":fileName, "returnData":returnData]


mkdir; --- Make a directory in your current directory.

whoami; --- Print the current user.

cdr; --- Go to a single folder from your current directory.

cd; --- Change directories.

ls; --- List the directory.

ps; --- Will list all processes not limited to user processes.

strings; --- This will print the contents of a file.

mv; --- Perform a mv command to move files/folders.

cp; --- Copy a file/folder.

screenshot; Destination --- Take a snapshot of all screens. This will notify the user.

osascript; Code --- This will run an Apple script.

execute; App to Run --- This will execute a payload as an API call (no shell needed). Sometimes this works better if you're already in the directory of the payload.

brewHijack; --- This will check to see if Homebrew is installed and hijack the Cellar.

ASH 2.0 Plan

Currently (as of August 4th) I'm adding an additional module to ASH for Thotcon 2021. What I really want to do is completely redo the code so it's less gross (I mean, it's not terrible now. I have a better code structure in mind). So keep in mind, come December-ish when I have more time, I'm going to completely redo the code with new techniques that I've learned. It's going to have the same structure for its return, the code itself will be easier to read.


If there's a shell item that you would like to add, feel free to fork the project and submit a pull request. Some requirements:

  • Command returns should follow the returnData struct. If binary data is returned, follow returnDataRaw.
  • The command must use an API.


The following bugs are known:

  • Screenshots don't cycle through virtual desktops.
  • cd doesn't work as a ksh command; however, the ASH version works the same.
  • Execute is currently commented out. It's using a deprecated call that I want to find a better solution for.


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Release Notes

ASH 1.3.0
2 weeks ago

Introducing brewHijack which will hijack the /usr/local/bin directory that is created by HomeBrew.

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