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antranapp/Scenarios 2.3.0
A library for building an internal/development support app easily
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Scenarios provides an infrastructure for fast prototyping and feature development for iOS Projects without breaking production apps


Challenges of mobile frontend development

  • Stories with multiple requirements.
  • Multiple stakeholders (backend devs, designers, QAs, PMs, SMs, Testers, CTO, CEO ….).
  • Multiple environments, configurations.
  • Working on multiple features in parallel.
  • Demonstrating multiple states for UI components.
  • Mobile app deployment is complicated.
  • Continuous delivery.


Scenario-driven development

  • Scenarios is a system supporting continuously delivering of incremental updates for mobile app frontends.
  • Targeting early feedback loop from all stakeholders.
  • Avoiding the need to deliver multiple apps for different purposes.
  • Easing parallelism between feature teams.
  • Supporting automated tests.
  • Extensible, new types of scenarios can be created to accommodate different stakeholders: prototype scenario, design system scenario, accessibility scenario, etc ...


Recommended modular architecture


Sample app

There is a sample app inside this repository. The app fetches the list of popular Swift repositories from Github and display them in a UITableView.

The app will contain all scenarios for each of the components, as well as a mocking and a production environment scenarios.


Getting Started

Please check out the Sample project.


The original idea comes from the team working on the NHS COVID-19 App

The original source code is taken from the iOS source code of the NHS Covid-19 App




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Release Notes

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What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/antranapp/Scenarios/compare/2.2.0...2.3.0

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