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Serene Audio Player

Serene Audio Player is a fully functional beautiful audio player developed in SwiftUI. It can play live streams from URLs as well as local bundled files located in a specific folder directory.



  • Play an mp3 file bundled with the app (Using SereneAudioFilePlayer())
  • Play an mp3 file from an online source (Using SereneAudioStreamPlayer())
  • Play in background

You can also:

  • Download audio files for offline usage to the user's device by assigning a directory folder name. (experimental)
  • The user can favourite tracks in the player view (experimental)

How to Use (Installation)

Serene Audio Player requires iOS 13+ as it is a SwiftUI package.

  1. Add SereneAudioPlayer to your project using Swift Package Manager (copy and paste this link when asked after selecting File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency:
  1. Import SereneAudioPlayer into your content view:
import SwiftUI
import SereneAudioPlayer
  1. Create a track using Track() :
var track: Track = Track(image: "nature", title: "Test Track", subtitle: "Subtitle goes here.", recording: "clarity", streamURL: "https://serene-music.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/clarity.mp3", favourited: false)
  • image: an image located in the Assets of the app project
  • title: Main title of the track
  • subtitle: The accompanying subtitle of the track
  • recording: the name of the mp3 file bundled with the app (located within the app files hierarchy).
  • streamURL: the location of the mp3 file online (used for streaming).
  • favourited: whether the track is favourited by the user or not,
  1. Use SereneAudioFilePlayer() for playing a local file, or SereneAudioStreamPlayer() to play a streamed mp3 file online.

  2. Be sure to include the Track object and a folder name for the directory to be created when a user downloads the track for offline usage. For example, using the previously created track, add the following inside your content view body:

SereneAudioFilePlayer(track: track, folderName: "Music")


  • Create functionality to alternate between stream or file automatically if file already exists (downloaded by user for offline usage)
  • Enable favouriting and create function to save favourite
  • Enhance UI
  • More to come...open to suggestions and inquiries.


I am open to collaborators helping me develop this library. Please let me know of any issues that may arise or future developments you want to work on!




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Pre-release SereneAudioPlayer - 2020-08-26 13:04:22

Working pre-release of SereneAudioPlayer

Pre-release SereneAudioPlayer - 2020-08-26 11:30:24

This is the first pre-release of Serene Audio Player. Released for testing purposes.