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amplitude/Amplitude-iOS v8.19.1
Native iOS/tvOS/macOS SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/amplitude/Amplitude-iOS.git", from: "v8.19.1")

Legacy SDK CocoaPods Carthage compatible All Contributors

Announcement 📣

Amplitude is introducing a new iOS Swift SDK. This new SDK provides improved developer experience, helps users instrument data more seamlessly and provide more control over data being instrumented using custom plugins.

To learn more about the new SDK, here are some useful links:

Official Amplitude iOS SDK

iOS/tvOS/macOS SDK for tracking events and revenue to Amplitude.

Amplitude and Ampli SDK

Ampli SDK is autogenerated library based on your pre-defined tracking plan. The Ampli SDK, is a lightweight wrapper over the Amplitude SDK that provides type-safety, supports linting, and enables features like input validation. The code replicates the spec in the Tracking Plan and enforces its rules and requirements. This repository is about Amplitude SDK. To learn more about Ampli SDK, please refer to the Ampli iOS and examples.

Installation and Quick Start

Demo Applications



  1. Install Dependencies via Carthage
    carthage update --use-xcframeworks
  2. Install Test Dependencies via CocoaPods
    pod install


Hao Liu

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Daniel Jih

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Curtis Liu

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Spenser Skates

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Krishna Rajendran


samantha puth




Rob Phillips



Click here to view the iOS SDK Changelog.

Need Help?

If you have any problems or issues over our SDK, please refer to the Developer Center for help. If you don't find a solution there, then feel free to create a GitHub issue or submit a request on Amplitude Help.


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Release Notes

1 week ago

8.19.1 (2024-04-05)

Bug Fixes

  • assign deviceId correctly on new device (#492) (a200db0)
  • initialize device info before generating the device ID (#491) (7960a7e)

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