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TextField replacement for SwiftUI that restricts input to numbers
.package(url: "https://github.com/amayers/NumericText.git", from: "1.1.2")



A simple SwiftUI TextField that limits user input to numbers.

The most common response in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58733003/swiftui-how-to-create-textfield-that-only-accepts-numbers (the top search result), advocates just setting a numeric keyboard. But that totally misses cases when used with hardware keyboards. Many of the suggested

This NumericTextModifier observes a String value for changes, and when it is changed, it filters out any non-numeric characters and updates the string. Then it converts that string to a NSNumber for easier use. You can choose to allow integers or floating point.

NumericTextField uses NumbericTextModifier and exposes only the NSNumber in the text. It prevents any non-numeric text input, no matter the source (paste, external keyboard). It also manages the keyboard type to match the type of numbers you said to allow.

Standard TextFields have a Formatter that you can pass in, that will be used to format/validate input. However this only occurs when the user finishes editing, not for every keystroke. So a user can type 123abc4 and see that in the text field, then when they hit return it will change to 1234. That's really not ideal. With NumericTextField when they type a non-numeric character it is ignored and never shows up in the text field.



It works just like TextField but you are binding it to NSNumber? instead of a String.

// Inside your view
@State private var int: NSNumber?
@State private var double: NSNumber?

var body: Some View {
    VStack {
        NumericTextField("Int", number: $int, isDecimalAllowed: false)
        NumericTextField("Double", number: $double, isDecimalAllowed: true)


// Inside your view
@State private var int: NSNumber?
@State private var intString = ""
@State private var double: NSNumber?
@State private var doubleString = ""

var body: Some View {
    VStack {
        TextField("Int", text: $intString)
            .numericText(text: $intString, number: $int, isDecimalAllowed: false)
        TextField("Double", text: $doubleString)
            .numericText(text: $doubleString, number: $double, isDecimalAllowed: true)


Use Swift Package Manager or just drag and drop the two source files into your project. It supports iOS 14, macOS 10.16/11, tvOS 14, watchOS 7.

Improvement ideas

  • Ditch NSNumber? as the bound value, and allow binding either Int? or Double?. I took a quick shot at this, but my generics skills weren't sufficient to figure it out.
  • Support the other initializers that TextField supports.

Pull requests are welcome to help with these or any other things you may find or think of.


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Release Notes

Lower deployment target
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Thanks to @Akazm for making this support iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13.

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