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allt-tv/AlltKit develop-1.0.1
AlltKit SDK for iOS/tvOS/macOS
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iOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/allt-tv/AlltKit.git", from: "develop-1.0.1")


The AlltKit package is a Swift Package containing APIs for iOS & tvOS applications to interact with the Allt network. To add AlltKit to your Xcode project select File -> Add Packages... and enter the package URL: https://github.com/allt-tv/AlltKit and then add the package to your App target.

Three primary classes are provided:

  • AlltServer - this class is for Media Players to transmit their content status over the Allt network. Typically a tvOS media player app would instantiate an object of this class, and provide updates to the object when the content the user is watching changes.
  • AlltMenuView - this class provides a very simple way to implement the Allt User Experience within your app. Simply add this UIView subclass to your view hierarchy, and connect the required properties and actions.
  • AlltClient - this class enables your app to receive Allt-code updates from the Allt network and resolve Allt ids to fully described media items and actions. Use this class to implement your own Allt user experience.

A full documentation archive is provided within the Swift Package. In the AlltKit package you'll find AlltKit.doccarchive - right-click on that and choose Show in Finder and then double-click on the file in Finder to install the documentation in the Xcode Documentation viewer.


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Last commit: 9 weeks ago
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Release Notes

9 weeks ago

Support passing touch events to the visible view hierarchy beneath an AlltMenuView

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