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All About Greg ! cloud API kit for Swift
.package(url: "https://github.com/allaboutgreg-net/aag-cloud-kit-swift.git", from: "0.0.1")

AllAboutGregCloudKit - Cloud API for Swift



This code is part of a larger project, All About Greg !. It serves two purposes: first is to run my blog on Firebase / Google Cloud Platform with companions apps, and second, to showcase my skills (if I have any).

AllAboutGregCloudKit is a Swift implementation of the cloud API which all Swift based apps will use.


  • Xcode 12+, preferably running on macOS 11
  • Swift 5
  • iOS 14+, macOS 11+
  • Firebase iOS SDK 8+

Getting started

First, on the app project itself (or the framework which the app will use), you need to import Firebase iOS SDK via Swift Package Manager, as explained Firebase iOS SDK documentation.

This kit doesn't initialize Firebase for your app, so you need to follow the steps on the Firebase iOS documentation.

Then you can use this package in your source code by importing the AllAboutGregCloudKit library.

import AllAboutGregCloudKit

Change Log

You can look at the change log.


This code is provided for those who are looking into actual example. It will be used to run my blog All About Greg ! and the apps (on mobile, on desktop or embedded).

Contributing will not be very practical, however if a few of you are looking to help me (for some reason), please refer to the contribution rules.

If you wish to report an issue, please file on on this repo.

Whenever you are contributing to this project, I would ask you to follow this basic code of conducts to make it a pleasant experience to everyone.


This library is provided under the MIT Licence. For more details look at the LICENSE file attached to this source code.


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