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Protect your users against malware and phishing threats using Google Safe Browsing


🌟 Features

  • [x] Check multiple URLs asynchronously
  • [x] Check single URL asynchronously
  • [x] Check single URL synchronously
  • [x] Open URL in Safari only if it's safe
  • [x] UIApplication extension

📲 Installation

SafeBrowsing is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SafeBrowsing'

Or you can install it with Carthage:

github "alexruperez/SafeBrowsing"

Or install it with Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/alexruperez/SafeBrowsing.git", from: "0.1.0")

🛠 Configuration

Required configuration

Just enable Google Safe Browsing API and get your API key.

SafeBrowsing.apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

Advanced optional configuration

You can easily customize threat types, platform types or threat entry types.

SafeBrowsing.clientId = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID" // By default your bundle identifier.
SafeBrowsing.clientVersion = "YOUR_CLIENT_VERSION" // By default your bundle short version.
SafeBrowsing.threatTypes = [.malware, .socialEngineering, .unwantedSoftware, .potenciallyHarmfulApplication]
SafeBrowsing.platformTypes = [.any]
SafeBrowsing.threatEntryTypes = [.url, .executable]

🐒 Usage

Check multiple URLs asynchronously:

SafeBrowsing.isSafe([anURL, anotherURL]) { isSafe, error in
    // Your code here

Check single URL asynchronously:

SafeBrowsing.isSafe(anURL) { isSafe, error in
    // Your code here

Check single URL synchronously:

Caution: Don't call it in main thread
if SafeBrowsing.isSafe(anURL) {
    // Your code here

Open URL in Safari only if it's safe:

SafeBrowsing.safeOpen(anURL) { opened, error in
    // Your code here

UIApplication extension

Yes, you can use SafeBrowsing with UIApplication, just like open(_:options:completionHandler:) method works.

You also have all isSafe(_:) methods available with this extension.

UIApplication.shared.safeOpen(anURL) { opened, error in
    // Your code here

Testing Google Safe Browsing

let testingURL = URL(string: "http://malware.testing.google.test/testing/malware/")!
SafeBrowsing.isSafe(testingURL) { isSafe, error in

❤️ Etc.

  • Contributions are very welcome.
  • Attribution is appreciated (let's spread the word!), but not mandatory.

👨‍💻 Authors

alexruperez, contact@alexruperez.com

👮‍♂️ License

SafeBrowsing is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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0.1.1 - Apr 3, 2018

  • [x] Swift 4.1

0.1.0 - Mar 29, 2018

  • [x] First release.