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Persists data to documents directory. Performs CRUD operations. Create. Read. Update. Delete.

Version Releases


  • Xcode 10.2+
  • Swift 5.0+

Swift Package Installation

To install copy this github url https://github.com/alexpaul/DataPersistence
Navigate to Xcode and do the following:

  • select File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency
  • paste the copied url above into the search field in the presented dialog
  • In the Choose Package Options select the Version Rules option (default option). Version rules will update Swift packages based on their relesase versions e.g 1.0.1

Click Next then Finish. At this point the package should have been installed successfully 🥳

Swift Package Dependencies

  • None


1. Creating a DataPersistence instance

DataPersistence takes a generic type. The generic has two protocol contraints: Codable and Equatable

let dataPersistence = DataPersistence<Person>() // default filename will be "items"
// here a custom filename is supplied to the initializer
let dataPersistence = DataPersistence<Person>(with: "podcasts") 

All file extensions are .plist (property list) files. File extensions are provided by default and ONLY works with .plist.

2. Saving an item to the documents directory

import DataPersistence 

dataPersistence.save(item: item)

3. Retrieving saved items from the documents directory

import DataPersistence 

savedItems = try? dataPersistence.loadItems()

4. Deleting a saved item from the documents directory

import DataPersistence 

dataPersistence.delete(index: index)

5. Remove all saved items from the documents directory

import DataPersistence 


6. Check if a particular item has already been saved to the documents directory

import DataPersistence 

let itemHasBeenSaved = dataPersistence.hasItemBeenSaved(item: person) // true or false 

To assure your type is unique implement an equatable function on your type

static func ==(lhs: NewsStory, rhs: NewsStory) -> Bool {
  return lhs.abstract == rhs.abstract && lhs.title == rhs.title


DataPersistence is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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