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alexito4/RuneterraWallpapersDownloader 1.5.0
Legends of Runeterra Wallpaper Downloader
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🕓 2 years ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/alexito4/RuneterraWallpapersDownloader.git", from: "1.5.0")

Runeterra Wallpapers Downloader


Are you a Runeterra fan? Do you want the amazing art of the Legends of Runeterra cards as your wallpaper? Wait no more, this tool will help you get those more than 1400 amazing wallpapers with no effort.


This tool downloads the official card assets from Legends of Runeterra and copies the card full screen art into the desired location. I built this to help me keep up to date the wallpapers every time a new set is released. Doing it manually takes too much time since the assets come organised in folders that have together the card images and the full screen art, also those folders contain images for the spells which don't have big images that can be used as wallpapers.

Requires macOS 12 or above

Supported Sets

  • Set 1:
    • ☑ Foundations
  • Set 2:
    • ☑ Rising Tides
  • Set 3
    • ☑ Call of the Mountain
    • ☑ Monuments of Power
    • ☑ Cosmic Creation
    • ☑ Aphelios Champion Expansion
  • Set 4
    • ☑ Empires of the Ascended (March)
    • ☑ Guardians of the Ancient (May)
    • ☑ Rise of the Underworlds (June)
    • ☑ Champion Expansion (July)
  • Set 5
    • ☑ Beyond the Bandlewood (August)
    • ☑ Magical Misadventures (December)
    • ☑ A Curious Journey (February 2022)
  • Set 6:
    • ☑ Worldwalker (May 2022)
    • ☑ Forces from Beyond (July 2022)
  • Set 6: The Darkin Saga
    • ☑ Awakening (August 2022)
    • ☑ Domination (October 2022)
    • ☑ World Ender (December 2022)
  • Set 7:
    • ☑ Glory In Navori (March 2023)
  • Set 7b:
    • ☑ Heart of the Huntress (June 2023)
  • Set 8: Fate's Voyage
    • ☑ Onward (October 2023)

Note that the Events set is an in-game only set. The art is part of the other numbered sets.

How to use

  1. Download the latest version from the Releases page.
  2. Run the CLI passing the path to the folder where you want the images to be copied.
USAGE: runeterraWallpaper <destination> [--set <set> ...] [--skip-download] [--keep-zips]

  <destination>           Directory to save the wallpapers. 

  --set <set>             Specify all the Card Sets you want download. Use the set index. Ex: --set 1 --set 2.
                          (default: 1: Foundations, 2: Rising Tides, 3: Call of the Mountain, 4: Empires of the
  --skip-download         If true it reads the destination folder to find the zips instead of downloading them
  --keep-zips             If true downloaded zips won't be removed. Useful if you want to use `skipDownload` later. 
  -h, --help              Show help information.

The tool will start downloading all the data sets, it may take a while. Once the poros finish downloading the assets they will extract the zips and copy the wallpapers on the desired folder.


The main code is exposed as a library module called RuneterraWallpapersDownloader.


Alejandro Martinez | https://alejandromp.com | @alexito4


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Last commit: 2 weeks ago
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Release Notes

The Man of Progress
2 years ago

The Man of Progress is here!

To celebrate Arcane's release here you have a new release of the tool with some significant changes!

Now the code is using Swift's Concurrency system! This is a pleasure to use for me but it's also an important update for the future of the tool.

The download and extraction of each set now happens concurrently. This means that you will see sooner the art extracted on the destination folder! This changes would have been a PITA before but now they are easy to do and easy to maintain. This has allowed me to put more time on doing a change I wanted for a while...

Now the available sets are fetched from Riot's Data Dragon API directly instead of being hardcoded on the tool. This means that when a new set is available you won't have to update the tool. It will automatically detect the new set and it will be available for download.

Enjoy the Progress Day!

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