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This is a template project for bootstrapping iOS applications.

When Xcode 11 is released, this template will convert from CocoaPods to Swift Package Manager


Install cookiecutter and XcodeGen in order to create a new project from this template:

brew install cookiecutter
brew install xcodegen


  • Run cookiecutter https://github.com/alexanderwe/ios-starter.git
  • cookiecutter will prompt you for:
    • The project name
    • Apple Developer Team details
    • other details
  • cookiecutter will create all necessary files
  • XcodeGen runs and automatically creates a .xcodeproj file
  • Afterwards pod install will run to download all necessary dependencies
  • Finally Xcode will launch your new project
  • Happy Coding ! 🤓

Included external libraries

  • Handle asynchronous code
  • Code Style
  • Helpers


The structure of the template project tries to follow the idea in this article from The.Swift.Dev

Git Hooks

This template comes with a .githooks directory. Inside you can find and create hooks which will run in the local .git repository.

Available hooks:

  • commit-msg (run before committing):
    • Verifies that the commit message follows the standard Conventional Commits specification (+ one additional commit type ci)


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