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This is a template project for boostrapping iOS applications


Install cookiecutter,XcodeGen and Mint in order to create a new project from this template:

brew install cookiecutter
brew install xcodegen
brew install mint

Use it

cookiecutter https://github.com/alexanderwe/ios-starter.git
  • cookiecutter will prompt you for:
    • The project name
    • Apple Developer Team details
    • other details necessary for the project
  • cookiecutter will create all necessary files
  • XcodeGen runs and automatically creates a .xcodeproj file
  • Afterwards mint bootstratp will run to download all necessary build tools
  • Finally Xcode will launch your new project
  • All code dependencies are managed with the Swift Package Manager
  • Happy Coding !

Included external libraries

  • Handle asynchronous code
  • Code Style
  • Helpers


The structure of the template project tries to follow the idea in this article from The.Swift.Dev

External dependencies are managed via Swift Package Manager. Therefore it is mandatory to use Xcode 11.

External build tools

External build tools like swiftlint and R.swift are managed by Mint This is necessary because the Swift Package Manager is not handling binaries, and therefore Mint is doing this job for us.

Git Hooks

There is an issue with GitKraken not supporting the config.hooksPath option. Therefore every hook is copied from the .githooks directory to .git/hooks. Before that every file that will be changed inside .git/hooks is backed up.

This template comes with a .githooks directory. Inside you can find and create hooks which will run in the local .git repository.

Available hooks:

  • commit-msg (run before committing):


The template uses fastlane for CI/CD. It comes with a nearly empty Fastfile which can be modified as you wish.

Included Actions

  • create_changelog: Use git-chglog and your conventional commits to automatically create a CHANGELOG.md in the project directory
  • crowdin: Use the crowdin CLI to upload or download your localisation files


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v0.4.0 - 2019-11-16 12:53:54


  • Add Fastlane
  • Add Mint for build tool dependencies


  • Switch to Swift Package Manager and therefore Xcode 11
  • Add support for SceneDelegate on iOS 13 and additionally SwiftUI
  • Different build configurations