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📖 Project description

Backend (API and AdminPanel) for the BuddyConnect app. The application let users vote their well-being. It also provides information about themselves and their buddy. The AdminPanel is used for inviting users to the app.

🔧 Installation

To get the project up and running you can follow the usual steps:

  • vapor update
  • vapor xcode

The project uses AdminPanel and to get a user, you can use the seeder:

  • vapor build
  • vapor run admin-panel:seeder

Alternatively you can edit the App scheme and add admin-panel:seeder as an argument passed on launch.

This project uses Sourcery for code generation. If you're making changes to the parts of the codebase where Sourcery is used, remember to install and run Sourcery each time you do changes:

  • brew install sourcery
  • sourcery

Make sure to have your environment variables set up. Have a look here for a guide on how-to. And the here for some shared credentials.

🏯 Architecture & code principles

This project overall follows the official documentation for writing Vapor projects. This project uses our Sourcery templates to generate parts of the codebase. It was developed in Express-Mode.

👌 Tests

This project has no tests.

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💻 Developers

  • @mala

Project Manager

  • @likn