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aircoreio/aircore-logging-ios 1.2.1
Aircore Logging SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/aircoreio/aircore-logging-ios.git", from: "1.2.1")

🪵 Aircore Logging SDK 🪵


  1. Open an Xcode Project that you would like to add logging capabilities to.
  2. Select File->Add Packages....
  3. In the search bar, put in the URL for this repository (https://github.com/aircoreio/aircore-logging-ios)
  4. Select the dependency rule that matches the version you want to use (i.e. if you want to use version 1.4.3, put in "Exact Version" as your dependency rule and enter 1.4.3 in the version box).
  5. Select the project you want to add the package to.
  6. Press "Add Package".
  7. That's it! The Framework should be automatically linked to the project you selected.


  • Builds for ARM iOS and x86 Simulator.
  • Bitcode must be disabled


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Release Notes

AircoreLogging 1.1.2
16 weeks ago

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