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airbnb/lottie-ios 3.3.0
An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations
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πŸ•“ 21 weeks ago
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21 weeks ago
**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios/compare/3.2.3...3.3.0 - Increased minimum deployment target to iOS 11 - Added Swift Package Manager support for macOS and tvOS (#1428) - Added parsing support for layers with no index (`ind`) property (#1433) - `AnimatedSwitch` and `AnimatedButton` are now `open` instead of `final` (#1431) - Fixed issue where shape layers could render at a low resolution (#1436) - Fixed issue where `AnimationView`'s `transform` could animate incorrectly (#1395) Known issues: - *`3.3.0` doesn't support Carthage* (#1448, fixed on `master` and in future releases)
1 year ago
Adds a fix for a bug that caused precomposition layers to have zero sized bounds. This bug furth broke alpha inverted masks in precomposition layers.
3.2.2 Release
1 year ago
A few fixes here including: - Removing Swift warnings - Performance fixes
3.2.1 Release
1 year ago
Various Bug Fixes
3.2.0 Release
1 year ago
Various bug fixes and improvements
3.1.9 release
1 year ago
- Add isAnimationPlaying to CompatibleAnimationView - change id accessor from internal to public - Updates to Text Rendering - fix: empty layerID causes crash - Rewrite Text Rendering to support Line Height + Added Font Provider - fixed #944 Images from Assets.xcassets are not loading - Work Around Xcode 12 Beta 1 Compilation Issues - Add isAnimationQueued to determine if animation will start when this view is added to a window - Changed ACL for animationView to public in AnimatedControl
3.1.8 Release
2 years ago
Fixes a compile error introduced with 3.1.7 release
3.1.6 Release
2 years ago
- Swift 5 (Thanks https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios/commits?author=thejohnlima !) - Gradient Value Provider support (Thanks https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios/commits?author=enriquebk !) - Precomp clipping fix - Swift packages fixes - Layout bug fix (Thanks https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios/commits?author=MariuszWisniewski ) - Crashing remove observer bug fix (Thanks https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios/commits?author=zenangst )
3.1.5 Release
2 years ago
Various improvements and bug fixes.
3.1.4 Release
2 years ago
This fixes a few bugs as well as adds support for animationSpeed setting on `AnimatedControl`
iOS macOS tvOS
airbnb/MagazineLayout v1.6.6
A collection view layout capable of laying out views in vertically scrolling grids and lists.
⭐️ 3,070
πŸ•“ 2 days ago
iOS tvOS
airbnb/HorizonCalendar v1.13.4
A declarative, performant, iOS calendar UI component that supports use cases ranging from simple date pickers all the way up to fully-featured calendar apps.
⭐️ 2,100
πŸ•“ 3 weeks ago
airbnb/epoxy-ios 0.7.0
Epoxy is a suite of declarative UI APIs for building UIKit applications in Swift
⭐️ 869
πŸ•“ 22 weeks ago
πŸ”– Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
22 weeks ago
### Added - Added a weak reference from `TopBarContainer` / `BottomBarContainer` to their parent bar installer - Added a `BarInstallerConfiguration` type to allow both global and per-instance configuration of bar installers. - Added an `applyBars` closure to `BarInstallerConfiguration` to allow consumers to configure _when_ bars are applied to the underlying `BarContainer` by a bar installer, e.g. to defer bar model updates that might conflict with an in-flight shared element transition. - Support for hitting 120 FPS on iPhone ProMotion displays when programmatically scrolling to an item in a collection view. - Added `itemModel(…)`, `barModel(…)` methods to host a SwiftUI `View` within an Epoxy container and the `swiftUIView(…)` method to host an `EpoxyableView` within a SwiftUI `View` - Added a SwiftUI environment value for requesting size invalidation of the containing Epoxy collection view cell. ### Fixed - Fixes an issue that could cause `CollectionView` scroll animation frames to have an incorrect content offset when paired with a non-zero `adjustedContentInset`. - Fixes an issue that could cause `VGroupView` and `HGroupView` to grow too tall when nested in containers that give them a larger height than their natural height. - Fixes a bug in the `KeyboardPositionWatcher` that would consider an even slightly offscreen view as having a keyboard overlap when the keyboard is dismissed, resulting in incorrect keyboard offsets. - Fixes an issue when mutating state synchronously does not pick up the current SwiftUI transaction. - Fixes a bug where the `avoidsKeyboard` parameter would be disregarded in a `BottomBarInstaller` initializer. ### Changed - Removed the default bar installer behavior where bar model updates were deferred while a view controller transition is in progress.
36 weeks ago
### Added - Added an `insetMargins` property to `TopBarContainer` and `BottomBarContainer` that configures whether or not the container sets layout margins derived from the `safeAreaInsets` of its `viewController`. ### Fixed - Fixed incorrect assertion logging when accessing an item with an invalid index path. - Mitigated a `EXC_BAD_ACCESS`Β crash that caused by a bad `nonnull` bridge in `CollectionViewCell`. - Fixed an issue where styles were not being used in the `diffIdentifier` calculation of `GroupItems`. ### Changed - The `SectionModel` initializer now requires a `dataID` to make it harder to have sections with duplicate identity that causes a runtime warning and potentially unexpected diffing behavior.
46 weeks ago
### Added - Added an `UpdateStrategy` to `CollectionView` to allow specifying that it should update using non- animated `performBatchUpdates(…)`, which can be more performant and behave more predictably than `reloadData()`. - Added `reflowsForAccessibilityTypeSizes` and `forceVerticalAccessibilityLayout` properties to `HGroup.Style`. ### Fixed - Improved `CollectionView` logic for deciding when to `reloadData(…)` over `performBatchUpdates(…)` in specific scenarios. - Fixed an issue where the `accessibilityAlignment` property of `HGroup` was not being respected. - Fixed an issue where `accessibilityAlignment` and `horizontalAlignment` would overwrite one another - Break a temporary retain cycle in `.system` presentation style ### Changed - `CollectionViewConfiguration.usesBatchUpdatesForAllReloads` now defaults to `true`. - Changed `CollectionViewConfiguration` from an immutable `class` to a `struct` to make it easier to modify an existing configuration.
51 weeks ago
### Added - Added an example with text field to show how can we use `avoidsKeyboard` feature - Add EpoxyLayoutGroups, a declarative API for creating components ### Fixed - `AnyItemModel` is selectable when there are no `DidSelect` callbacks on the underlying model
1 year ago
### Added - Added support for `Array` and `Optional` expressions to model result builders - Added support for `Optional` expressions to `PresentationModel` result builders - Made `AnyItemModel` and `AnySupplementaryItemModel` conform to `DidChangeStateProviding`, `DidChangeStateProviding` and `SetBehaviorsProviding` - Made `AnyItemModel`, `AnySupplementaryItemModel`, and `AnyBarModel` conform to `StyleIDProviding` - Adds a `keyboardContentInsetAdjustment` property to `UIScrollView` with the amount that the that its `contentInset.bottom` has been adjusted to accommodate for the keyboard by a `KeyboardPositionWatcher` - Made `ItemSelectionStyle` conform to `Hashable` - `ReuseIDStore` has a new method to vend a previously registered reuse ID, `registeredReuseID(for:)` ### Fixed - Bar installers gracefully handle redundant calls to install/uninstall - `CollectionView` more gracefully handles styleID mutations after registration ### Changed - `ReuseIDStore.registerReuseID(for:)` has been renamed to `ReuseIDStore.reuseID(byRegistering:)`
1 year ago
### Added - Added result builders for `SectionModel`, `ItemModel`, `BarModel`, `PresentationModel`, and `NavigationModel` - Added initializers and methods to `CollectionViewController` that take an array of `ItemModel`s and transparently wrap them in a `SectionModel` for consumers. ### Changed - Updated public let properties of public structs with memberwise initializers to be public var - `BarStackView` now handles selection of bar models and can be used as an `EpoxyableView` - The cases of `BarStackView.ZOrder` have been renamed to be more semantically accurate - Enables `CollectionView` prefetching by default, as the issues preventing it from being enabled by default are now resolved in recent iOS versions - Support animated moves in `BarStackView` - Fixed ordering when inserting and removing bar models - Crossfade between bars of the same view type with different style IDs in `BarStackView`
airbnb/ResilientDecoding 1.1.0
This package makes your Decodable types resilient to decoding errors and allows you to inspect those errors.
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πŸ•“ 18 weeks ago
πŸ”– Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
1 year ago
- Simplified error reporting - Fixed a bug with URL decoding - Enabled custom types to report errors via `ResilientDecodingErrorReporter`
2 years ago
# Resilient Decoding hits 1.0! ### API-breaking changes: * `flushReportedErrors()` now vends an `ErrorDigest` instead of `[Error]`. ### Added functionality: * `ErrorDigest` can be used to pretty-print reported errors _after_ checking whether any errors were encountered. * `Resilient` properties now provide an `outcome` via the projected value (`$property.outcome`) which is similar to `$property.error` but also communicates non-error events, like a missing key for an optional value. * `Resilient` can now be applied to `Dictionary`, which behaves similarly to `Array` (elements are omitted as errors are encountered)
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