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admiral-team/admiralui-ios v4.3.1
Admiral UIKit iOS
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.package(url: "https://github.com/admiral-team/admiralui-ios.git", from: "v4.3.1")

AdmiralUI version

The visual component library for iOS

What is AdmiralUI?

AdmiralUI - is a ready-made set of user interface elements.

Components overview:

To learn more about the status of the AdmiralUI design system components and their names in the code, please follow this link

Benefits of using a library:

  • Allows you to follow to a single visual style and interface solutions
  • Speeds up prototyping
  • Saves time for designers and developers

Why AdmiralUI?

  • 💎 Lots of ready made components - 30+ UIKit/SwiftUI based components from buttons and text fields to timepicker and calendar..
  • 🛠 Customizability - components have many custom properties.
  • 🎨 Themization - support for different color palettes, the ability to create your own and instantly switch between them.
  • 🏗 Support - releases come out every two weeks, support SwiftUI and UIKit.
  • 📱 Consistent style across platforms - availible library for Android

Setup and connection

Library connection details in wiki

Demo app

A live example of using the AdmiralUI library is our demo application, which is located in the ExampleiOS directory. With it, you can evaluate all the components implemented in the library in different states, with the ability to switch built-in color themes and create your own.

General information

  • Primary development language Swift 5+
  • Supported dependency managers: SPM (primary), CocoaPods, Carthage
  • Minimum supported versions: UIKit: iOS 11.0, SwiftUI: iOS 14.0

Project structure

The project is divided into 4 modules:

  • AdmiralUIResources - all resources (icons / fonts / colors)
  • AdmiralTheme - app theme manager
  • AdmrialUIKit- component library on UIKit
  • AdmiralSwiftUI - component library on SwiftUI

The modules work independently of each other and can be connected separately. For example: if you only need icons and fonts, you should only connect AdmiralUIResources, and if you only need a theme manager - AdmiralTheme


We welcome any help, and you can help us with the development of this project. Details in wiki

Project team

Polyakov Anton


Borisov Kirill


Almazov Ivan


Andrey Dyatkov



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Release Notes

12 weeks ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/admiral-team/admiralui-ios/compare/11.0.1...11.1.1

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