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adadaptedinc/AAMultiplatformLib 1.2.3
AdAdapted's official Multiplatform library for both Android and iOS.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/adadaptedinc/AAMultiplatformLib.git", from: "1.2.3")

AdAdapted Multiplatform SDK

The Multiplatform SDK integrates AdAdapted services with partner Android and iOS apps.

Development is done using Android Studio and the JetBrains KMM Plugin. Updating the public facing API should be done with care since those changes will require more than a drop-in update from partners.

Documentation for integrating the SDK with an App can be found at https://docs.adadapted.com/#/docs/kmm-getting-started

A valid API key and Ad Zone is required to be able to run the SDK which can be swapped into one of the two test applications [https://github.com/adadaptedinc/android-adapted] and [https://github.com/adadaptedinc/iosadapted]. More information on how to properly run and test these applications can be found on their respective GitHub repositories as well as the AdAdapted Wiki: [https://wiki.adadapted.com/en/engineering/mobile/multiplatform/testing]


  • Android Studio with recent Android SDK versions installed and JetBrains KMM Plugin.


See the full documentation on how to properly push a new version for both Android and iOS here: [https://wiki.adadapted.com/en/engineering/mobile/multiplatform/publishing]



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