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The SDK for FunLittleAds
.package(url: "https://github.com/aaronvegh/FunLittleAdsSDK.git", from: "0.1.4")


The FunLittleAds SDK allows you to insert ads into your iOS and macOS applications. Visit https://funlittleads.com to create an account and get started!

This Swift Package includes demo projects for iOS, macOS using AppKit, and SwiftUI targets for both iOS and macOS.

The steps that you should follow include:

  1. Create an account on https://funlittleads.com
  2. In the Developer section, create a new Application. Fill out the details, and you should end up with an SDK token.
  3. Install this package in your Xcode project.

Your integration depends on the way platform you're building with. For example, for an iOS app built with UIKit:

  1. In your view controller, create a property of type AdUnitController, providing the SDK token you got from the website:

var funLittleController = AdUnitController(adId: "8c9a5649-64d8-40fa-8c38-8231e759502a")

  1. Create a container view in which the ads will appear, and set its height to 85 points (ad placements will fill the entire width of the parent view). You can do this in a Storyboard, or create it in code (the demo app names it funLittleAdView).
  2. In your view controller's viewDidLoad() method, embed the ad into this view!

funLittleController.embedAdUnit(for: funLittleAdView)

That's it!

For bonus points, you can also include an information screen telling your users about FunLittleAds. It displays some information about the ad network and shows an audit of the data sent to show that we're a good, fun little ad network. It's as simple as pointing a button action to a line like this:

AboutFLAController().showFLAAuditView(from: self)

Where self is a view controller.

Help or Feedback?

Hit me up via email: aaron@innoveghtive.com.


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