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aaronsky/buildkite-swift 0.1.0
A Swift library for the Buildkite REST and GraphQL APIs
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.package(url: "https://github.com/aaronsky/buildkite-swift.git", from: "0.1.0")


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A Swift library and client for the Buildkite REST and GraphQL APIs.

import Buildkite

let client = BuildkiteClient()
client.token = "..."

let response = try await client.send(.pipelines(in: "buildkite"))
let pipelines = response.content


Getting Started



Buildkite for Swift is released under the BSD-2 license. See LICENSE for details.


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jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

1 year ago

This is the first minor-version release of this package. While not yet committing to the stability guarantees of a a major version, this marks a period of considered stability before making changes to the API.

This release includes a small change to the data type returned by the GraphQL resource. After some research and discussion with members of the Buildkite team, it was determined that the GraphQL API offered by Buildkite is not capable of responding with data and errors simultaneously as is outlined in the specification. This means that you can write code that maps on the variant returned by GraphQL.Content, which works well with either the Combine API or the Result returned by the closure API.

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